The Brand

Pretty Wild Lingerie, luxurious high-end lingerie founded in The Netherlands. A lingerie brand that stands for quality, femininity and elegance designed by a woman who has a powerful passion for creating luxurious bodywear.

Driven by innovative designs, each piece of the collection is crafted from the most carefully selected materials as French lace, three-dimensional embroidered flowers, genuine leather and the softest silk you can imagine.

The concept is simple:

‘This brand is about evoking emotions and sensuality, captured in a beautiful gift box.’
– Firouze Akhbari, founder & creative director

Since the launch of the brand in January 2013 Pretty Wild Lingerie has already been taking the world by storm and has grown to become highly successful on the global market. The brand has also not gone unnoticed by international celebrities. Lady Gaga, who wore Pretty Wild’s iconic ‘Bow’ bra in her ‘Applause’ video, has been repeatedly spotted in the creations.

Pretty Wild Lingerie’s designs have the unique power to make you feel special every single moment of the day. When opening the gift box, you will be able to instantly recognize the refinement of every detail that makes this lingerie so exclusive. The experience of unwrapping Pretty Wild Lingerie is the ultimate present… and so are you.

The Designer

Firouze Akhbari

“Give a girl the right lingerie and she can conquer the world” is one of Firouze Akhbari mantra’s. Designing is an instinctive way for globe-trotting Akhbari to express herself purely and powerfully.

After studying Interior Design Firouze settles in Antwerp and establishes her first company in exclusive interior design & furniture restoration with clients all over the world. Firouze learnt her new trade from scratch and what started off as a particular leather dress design for a special occasion grew into the real thing.

Her attention to detail has developed itself a long time ago. From an early age Firouze has been travelling through the Middle East, Asia and Europe. These journeys gave her the opportunity to discover her true fascination of delicately crafted fabrics. She gained a lot of knowledge on different fabrication techniques and designing lingerie was the only logical next step.

Amsterdam may be Firouze Akhbari’s home but the world is where Pretty Wild Lingerie’s playground is: the name itself reflects the brand’s mystery and personal significance to the Iran born designer.

When wearing Pretty Wild you do not need diamonds to impress
Feel beautiful and proud of yourself
Life is a present and so are you..